Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Closer Look at Bachelor #1: Aaron Bennett

Meet Aaron Bennett (otherwise known as "Red Viper?"): 

First Impression: BICEPS!!!
Personality: Sweet
Career Choice: HOTT
Yearbook Bachelor Superlative: Best All Around Personality

Right from the beginning Aaron's bright eyes and charming smile had the entire crew at ease and made our jobs feel more like hanging out with an old friend. We were all impressed that he brought along his guitar to serenade Ashley. Although such romantic gestures aren't my cup of tea, Ashely was thrilled. She loved that he did something different from the other guys, (because Aaron was date number 9 in reality).

If we look closely we see Aaron's playful nature. When they arrive for dinner at Liberty Market they start playing in the water. Around the 2:51 minute mark Ashley instigates some splashy-flirting and then pulls away in the appropriately teasing fashion. At 3:11 Aaron starts really turning up the heat and takes her hands to feel his biceps, but Ashley pulls away again. I wonder if she was just doing that teasing/flirting pulling away thing, or if she had a bit of a wall up still because it was the beginning of the  night. What do you all think?

During dinner at 4:30 Aaron is really looking at Ashley as if he is totally immersed in what she is saying.  Speaking from a third party perspective, not all of the dates were so attentive so we knew Aaron was a keeper.

Their conversations in the car were flowing naturally and they were able to talk about common interests. Now that we have seen fifteen other dates at the time of this post, we all know that conversations with all the guys were not so natural. 

At Skateland, Aaron shows us again his charming, playful side. I think this helps Ashley not be able to resist showing off her dancing moves and allow a little bit more touching. 
Hopefully we'll see Aaron Bennett back as a second date! 

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  1. i think he's got the whole package. not afraid to sing to all of america and he's a fireman.


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