Monday, August 22, 2011

A Closer Look At Bachelor #12: David Johnson

Yearbook Bachelor Superlative: Ladies' Man
Super-Talent: Comedic Timing
Bachelor Kudos: Best Celebratory Break Dancing

This is the first episode where you get a glimpse of our Creative Director Luke Johnson, who started his own production company earlier this year called Propusganda. On set, Luke always makes sure that his crew is having a good time (0:26-0:27/0:45-0:57) and that we're fed and watered. He's like the mother hen :). He also always did a good job at keeping the set a fun environment. Shooting seven nights a week (for 30 days!) felt like hanging out with friends who were all working together doing something that we all loved.

Luke and Mimi, the editor (who we can hear laughing at 0:51), met on the first night of filming the very first date with Jace. They immediately became good friends this night. Luke saw untapped talent in Mimi . . . plus she had all the equipment ;). What Luke didn't know about Mimi was that she had been collecting a production crew of her own for many years. With Mimi, shortly came me, Britt (sound), Shelby (cinematographer), Brooke (cinematographer), Charles (cinematographer), and Amber (makeup). Luke also has another valuable person, his wife Annie, who did Ashley's hair on David's date as well as Chris's date. Luke was also able to bring a wonderful AD/cinematographer, Josh, during the middle of the season! Every now and then we'd have some talented videographers that Ash referred to the producers. We were always so grateful to have as many helping hands as we could get. I don't know how Mobach would have been without the amazing crew and director that we had this season. We all got along so well and we made our job feel like . . . well, not a job! By the end of filming this season, we all felt like one big family. Yes, we have filmed the whole season. I'm watching Mimi edit the second dates as I write this. I can't tell you who she's editing, but it's going to be a GREAT episode. Ashley's final pick is so secret that not even the crew knows who it is yet . . . but we do know which of the bachelors are in the running! ;)

We are always trying to be conscious of other shooters and where they are at so that we don't get in their shot. But sometimes that is unavoidable, you'll be able to see that in a future episode ;). Josh has made a couple of appearances of his own and some of them seem to be intentional! (1:25, 3:10 and in Brad's episode at 6:01!)
David and Ashley's episode is an all around crew favorite. We watch this episode frequently to keep us motivated and happy. One of the many lines that we quote from David is when he says "I don't care" to Ashley when they first meet (1:31). Another favorite is when he exclaims "My love!!" because Ash opened up his car door (2:05). One part that always gets us rolling with laughter is when he's singing "Say It Ain't So" by Blink 182, and instead of singing na-na-na-na he sings "naughty naughty naughty"! You can even hear Luke laughing in the background. My personal favorite is after the credits where he's talking to Luke about who I am. When he learned that my name was Brittany he instantly started singing "Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears (9:03). David is very sharp, witty and has great comedic timing. During one of their dance scenes, David throws his hat into the backseat, you couldn't hear this but everyone was dying with laughter when he did this (4:35). He also took off his flannel shirt and threw it at the camera, but that didn't make it into the edit!
As Ashley said in her introduction, David is a true gentleman and quite the ladies' man. His mama taught him right! He opens Ashley's car door (1:56) and pulls out her chair for her at Ah-So (3:15). He's such a ladies' man too! He tilted his hat, winks and points at the cameras multiple times throughout the night (2:03/7:27)!
David is a very talented person and one of his many hobbies include bowling. He shows off his skills at the AMF Mesa Lanes when he makes a strike (5:46)!
He is so full of energy and life, there was never a dull moment on this date! David was always singing (2:21) and dancing (4:16/6:25). In this date, Ashley was able to be "Ghetto Barbie", a nickname that she has earned at work and is super proud of.

We would all love to see David come back for a second date!

Peace out!

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  1. i love this guy!!! what a great description of a perfect gentleman!


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