Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Closer Look at Bachelor #2: Jace Mattinson

What era was Jace from in a previous life: Romanticism 
Secret Talent: Poet
Yearbook Bachelor Superlative: First to Get Married

Upon meeting Jace, it was not hard to deduce that this bachelor has no trouble with the ladies. In fact, while filming the date, girls in their vicinity were going ga-ga over his irresistible smile. I'm almost positive Jace didn't notice any of the other girls looking in his direction though. . . . . .  his attention was completely locked on Ashley!

For example, take a look at the 0:56 time mark. observe Jace's noticeable "eye pop."


 I did a little research on men's body language, and this is what I came up with: 
The "Eyebrow Raise" = Often when our eyes meet those of an attractive stranger (eh-em, Ashley), our eyebrows (*cough, cough, Jace) raise up, then go back down. 

To confirm my flirting suspicions, at the 0:56 time mark, Jace responds to Ashley's comment on the Arizona weather.

Ashley: Welcome to Arizona.
Jace: Thank you.
 Ashley: Hope it's not too hot for you. It's pretty bad down here. 
Jace: It's. . .  It's. . . Beautiful. 

Does anyone really believe that he was talking about the weather?? ;)

They begin their date at Pioneer Park, located across from the Mesa Temple.
Jace is creative, and comes up with a unique date that shows off his sick basketball skills to Ashley. Kudos to Jace! 

For the next segment of their date, the couple heads over to an indoor trampoline park, Jumpstreet. As we have gotten to know Ashley behind the camera lens, we have noticed that she is a bit of a perfectionist. In an outtake of their date, Ashley tries to get out of showing Jace her less-than-perfect skills at doing flips on the trampoline. When her attempt at a flip fails, she does not ask for a camera re-take of the flip, or get upset at her fall. Take a look:

Maybe Jace's playful nature can take her mind off of "striving for perfection" all the time, and allow her to enjoy herself instead? Could this help Jace be in the running for a chance for a second date? 

Don't forget to help Ashley choose her second dates by voting on your favorite bachelors! Click HERE to vote for Jace Mattinson, by "liking" his picture on Facebook.  

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