Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Closer Look at Bachelor #3: Tadd Sorensen

Brand New Affliction Shirt: $50
Employment: Airlines
Favorite Food: Green Eggs & Ham 
Yearbook Bachelor Superlative: Most Likely to Brighten Someone's Day

I have such a crush on Tadd's humor. He had the entire MoBach staff in hysterics with his comical personality. When his episode aired, some viewers did not understand Tadd, and I am here to clear that up. For the Tadd fans already out there, this can be a reminder of why we all love Tadd so much.

During his pre-date interview, Tadd talks about coming onto the Mormon Bachelorette to find love and compatibility with Ashley (0:15 Time mark). Did anyone else notice that he was the only one to say that about Ashley? Brownie points to Tadd! 

      In reality, Tadd was actually date #5 of the 13 dates already aired, and is among the most genuine bachelors on the show. He also happens to be hilarious, and possesses a great talent at making others laugh. Talk about great characteristics in a best friend, boyfriend, and future husband! I did a little research on laughter just to prove a point: "Humor lightens your burdens, inspires hopes, and connects you to others. With so much power to heal and renew, the ability to laugh easily and frequently is a tremendous resource for surmounting problems, enhancing relationships, and supporting both physical and emotional health."

After filming so many of Ashley's dates, it has become second nature to me, to be able to decipher her body/facial expressions and tone of voice towards her date starting at the doorstep. At 2:42, viewers are unable to see Ashley's face when she first sees Tadd, but we can still easily hear her tone. From the sound of her voice, it seems that he was not what she was expecting. Take notice of their hug right after she opens the door. Their hug resembles the letter, "A." Basically, their bodies lean forward, glutes out, with nothing touching at all below shoulder level. Did you know there is even a facebook page dedicated to these awkward types of hugs I am describing?

Beginning at 3:11, Ashley and Tadd exchange personal literary interests. Ashley appreciates non-fiction, factual and opinionated literature. Tadd relishes in reading about curious facts on Wikipedia. Watch that conversation here, starting at the 0:37 time mark. 

Though it seems they are polar opposites in literary material, they both actually enjoy learning about factual knowledge. From my perspective, Tadd was likely just trying to make her laugh, and loosen up their date.

It seemed that Tadd had successfully loosened up the MoBach crew during his Green Eggs and Ham bit. In fact, the staff's laughter was so loud in the backseat during Tadd's version of the Dr. Suess book, that our editor had to cut all audio between the 4:07-4:09 time mark while editing the show.

MoBach viewers are able to take a closer look at Tadd's admirable traits during dinner at SushiKee (4:07 time mark) as he tells an incredible conversion story of a Native American man to the Church. His story is moving, and is a perfect example on how all members should be good role models and missionaries to non-members. Go Tadd!!

For their activity, the couple heads over to Mill Avenue. Mill is somewhat of a "college town" located close to Arizona State University. At night it is also one of the busiest streets in town to people of all ages. It is not uncommon to find musicians, bums, and preachers on every corner of Mill Avenue-- so Tadd's date idea was not out of the ordinary with the other street corners nearby. As Tadd explains the date (10:08 time mark), it seems that Ashley is displeased with his activity choice. To gain a better feel of Ashley, take a closer look at her  her facial expression and jaw movements at the 10:25 time mark, as he explains what they will be doing.

In Tadd's defense, he likely thought that Ashley would have loosened up by now, and would have had fun embarking on the adventures of Mill Ave. Tadd is an outgoing and hilarious individual, and probably thought (based on Ashley's audition video) that she would think of his date as unique, fun and entertaining.

Props to Ashley for her willingness to go out of her comfort zone on Mill Avenue with Tadd! Ashley seems like she would be a soapbox individual, but I guess she decided that tooth-brushing should stay in the bathroom where it belongs.

After preaching dental hygiene to the streets of Tempe, Tadd offered Ashley to go out for some dessert. Watch Ashley's response to Tadd to get some dessert here (starting at 4:55).

The date started with an "A-frame" hug, and ended with another "A-frame hug." One thing is for sure...... Tadd gets an A+ in personality, date idea, and won over the MoBach crew AND staff! Did Tadd Sorenson win over your hearts too?? 

Don't forget to help Ashley choose her second dates by voting on your favorite bachelors! Click HERE to vote for Tadd Sorenson, by "liking" his picture on Facebook.  

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