Monday, August 8, 2011

A Closer Look at Bachelor #4: Chris Morales

MoBach Staff Thinks Chris was the: Most Spiritual
Studied at: Hamline Law, Class of 2011
Heart of: Gold
Yearbook Bachelor Superlative: Most Likely to Treat His Wife Like a Princess

Chris has it all: brains, spirituality, and is unbelievably sweet. He was easily a favorite among the MoBach staff. 

During his pre-date interview, viewers discover that Chris graduated from Law School recently, and preparing to take the bar at the end of the month! Some might wonder why Chris would take away from his precious study time to be on the show... Chris shared that he prayed about whether he should apply to TMB, and admitted to receiving strong feelings that he should take Ashley out. Regardless of Chris winning a second date or not, I truly believe that Chris was supposed to be on the show. At 1:53-3:43 time mark, our bachelor shares an incredibly touching story about his conversion to the Church as a teen. I feel when people hear his story, they will be touched, and possibly look into our faith

At 4:50 time mark, we see the lovely 1940's bachelor and bachelorette enter the building to attend their dance activity. Did you know that this wasn't the actual entrance? We used this entrance because it would make for a more film-worthy entrance-- much better than the original entry hall.

The dance hall was packed with bodies dressed in 1940's attire. Chris and Ashley immediately began dancing. Ashley has had some prior dance experience, but admits that she has never learned to "Lindy Hop." Chris was the perfect dance teacher, because of his sweet and patient personality.  Ashley caught on quickly to Chris's one-on-one dancing lesson. (I am 99.9% positive that the MoBach female staff were swooning over Chris's dance abilities!)

At the dance, the film crew had some ideas on separate camera shots of Chris and Ashley. We separated them for some scenes (that never made it to the final edit). When we took Chris aside, he paused, and told the crew that he'd be right back. From a distance, he saw that Ashley was all by herself waiting for him to finish his camera shot. Chris didn't like seeing Ashley not enjoying herself, and found a suitable young man to dance with her while he was away. How thoughtful of Chris! We made sure to not to take too much time away from their dancing time. 

After the dance, Chris's original plan was to get Gelato ice-cream. As it turned out, they lost track of time at the dance, and discovered the Gelato shop had closed. That did not stop Chris though. He wanted to get his honey her dessert! They stopped off at a nearby store to grab some cold treats after dancing the night away.  

At the door step, we gave the couple some privacy, and turned off the cameras. We went inside Ashley's house, and prepared for their post-date interviews. As we set up inside her house, the crew could hear Chris's voice serenading Ashley! His voice was music to our ears! His song choice was: "Summertime" by Sam Cooke.  I was a little disappointed to miss such a tender moment between the two singles, but the MoBach staff tries to give Ash her space with her man. . . . (errr, men).

Like Chris, Ashley enjoys singing and dancing. Could their common interests be a foundation for a future second date? We'll see. . . .

Don't forget to help Ashley choose her second dates by voting on your favorite bachelors! Click HERE to vote for Chris Morales, by "liking" his picture. 

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