Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Closer Look At Bachelor #5: Derrick Williams

                            Meet Derrick Williams

                              Bad Habit: No-Handed Driving
                                     Arch Nemesis: Lard
       Yearbook Bachelor Superlative: Best Eyebrows (0:32-0:42)


 Did you know that in reality, Derrick was date number 19?

During the intro, you'll begin to see why Derrick earned the superlative of best eyebrows (0:32-0:42). The faces he pulled for the camera made filming and editing him that much more entertaining.

Derrick is one of those relaxed guys that doesn't hold anything back, regardless of what others may think. For example, most guys wont confess to enjoying a nice salad. At 0:50, Derrick not only confesses to it, but he also describes the most manliest salad I've ever heard of. He's a catch for sure! One thing that didn't make it to the final cut, is that Derrick is an exercise and wellness major. Not only does he possess the knowledge of a healthy lifestyle, he actually lives (and works) a nutritious lifestyle/career.

At 1:41, Ashley opens the door and we notice her voice registration is at a lower key. Usually, it's a bit higher. I wonder if she was just feelin' pretty mellow that night or if she was a little disappointed. . .?

OMG, they're a perfect couple. Derrick drives with no hands on the steering wheel 3:06 just like Ashley!  See for yourself here at 4:28.

Lets talk about Ashley's laugh at 4:06... Was that a forced laugh or a severely delayed (awkward) giggle?? And what exactly was it that Derrick did in '82 that was so glorious? Maybe we'll have to get him to answer that question for us. ;)

At 4:50 Derrick is leaning in to Ashley so close. Is his body language sending signals, or is the resturant just really loud? I dunno though, I don't see his eyes meeting hers, like we see her eyes locked on him. . . can there be a real love connection?

We know at 7:45 that the two are singing the song Firework by Katy Perry because he sings it in getting to know you video which you can see here! He seems like he is having a good time, and secure in his manhood. Who else would sing Firework so unashamedly?!

Check out Ashley's body language 8:16, when her leg shifts in Derrick's direction. Is she hinting that she wants to end the night with more fireworks with this gesture? Hmm. . . . Derrick's body language is facing away from her (towards her door). This date didn't end with a lip-lock, but maybe on date #2?!

Because we are with Ashley so much filming her dates, the crew gets to know her very well. And one of the things that Ashlet says is "yayaya" really fast in response to others' questions. At 9:57 Derrick says "yayaya" really fast. Did he pick this up from Ashley? Nah. . . . this footage was taken during his pre-date interview, where the bachelors are are interviewed before they meet Ashley for the first time. Could this be another sign that Ashley and Derrick are MFEO (made for each other)?

Here's a little Mobach extra! Our Director of Photography, Charles, makes his own sound effects as he shoots and gets everyone on the mobach crew to laugh. Our mics caught him making one of his many SFX. If you listen closely you hear his "whoo" at 1:37.

Was it just the fireworks in the sky tonight or was there a real connection between the two? What do you think?

Peace out!


  1. The, "Back in '82" comment was a quote directly from "Napoleon Dynamite".

  2. Wait, what movie? Just kidding, I guess we missed the reference. :)


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