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A Closer Look At Bachelor #7: Kurt Holker

            Meet Kurt Holker                             

 Kurt Was Born in Another Life As An: Office Stapler (9:43 Time Mark)
Cutest Feature: Accent (6:21)
Yearbook Bachelor Superlative: Most Likely to Change Somebody's Life for The Better (4:13)
 Did you know that in reality Kurt was date #15??

Kurt is one of the crew's favorites. The staff members behind the camera and our sound girl, were all very entertained by Kurt as the night went on. If you haven't been able to guess already . . . not only does the bachelor have to impress Ashley, but he has to work for the MoBach crew's love and affection. Kurt definitely won us over . . . but did he steal Ashley's heart too?

If we take a closer look at Kurt's episode, we notice all sorts of body-language between the two! See for yourself:

Start the video at 0:20 if you want to see what a man checking out a woman looks like in under two seconds. Right after Kurt checks out Ashley from head to toe, Ashley shakes Kurt's hand. Kurt flew all the way from Minnesota and all he gets is . . . a handshake? I'm wondering if she was just thrown off by Kurt's adorable Minnesotan accent? ;)

At 0:36 seconds, look behind Kurt's car! There's Amber (our makeup girl) and Britt (our sound gal) walking towards a white truck. If you're observant, you'll begin to recognize this truck as it makes surprise appearances throughout the season.

As you might have noticed, our camera men and women often "sacrifice their bodies" for a good shot of Ashley and her dates for your viewing pleasure ;) Many owners/managers of the places we visit are often skeptical about some of the risky positions we place ourselves in, but that didn't stop Shelby, one of our camera girls. At 0:36, she sweet-talked her way into going on the obstacle course to film Ashley and Kurt. Yay, Shelby!

Most of Ashley's dates average about 3+hours. Which means --- By the end of the night, the film crew has over 3+ hours of footage, and over 3+ hours of sound files from my girl, Britt (sound gal)! We basically "dump" over (3+3) 6 hours of footage to our editor's computer, for her to sift through. Give a round of applause to our editor, Mimi, for going through so many hours of footage, to give our viewers the BEST conversations, the coolest shots, and for synching the audio with the scenes. We have a lot of favorite clips but sometimes as the show is being built, it's more aesthetically pleasing to take out our favorite scenes. Apparently, Kurt screamed a little too loud on the ride and at 3:14 you can see Kurt yell (or mouth) "I'M A WUSS!" :P

MoBach was in the press! Take a peek at Ashley getting her face on for live television at 5:46. This makeup area was so small for all the crew to fit in! It's amazing they were able to find shots we weren't in!

Ashley looks so cute at 6:04! With her eloquent and well spoken words, she's got the right look for television journalism. When cameras are rolling, she knows how to respond to various questions under pressure.

Kurt was a true gentleman and waited patiently as Ashley readied herself to go on FOX 10 News to introduce "The Mormon Bachelorette." Meanwhile, behind-the-scenes, Kurt entertained the crew and we all got to know each other better. Start watching at 4:58 to hear how Kurt felt about Ashley when he first met her in person.

Sometimes, we cram up to 3 people in the back of the date's car (2 shooters, and our sound girl). It can get pretty hectic back there with 3 adults squished in the back of a small car. It gets especially crazy (and HOT!) whenever we have to ask the date to turn off his air-conditioning in order for us to get better sound. With all that backseat action going on, we sometimes get the microphone in our car shots. Oops! At 6:37, the microphone makes a surprised appearance on the shoulder rest between Kurt and Ashley.

Remember to always look for the outtakes after the credits! There's always something interesting to watch that we weren't able to fit in the episode. At 10:32, watch our creative director, Luke Johnson, talk with Kurt about screaming girls on the ride behind him.

Kurt has the MoBach crew's vote to go to the second round! We loved Kurt's sweet personality and his dedication in serving others. Can we mention again how entertaining this guy is? I think he could make Ashley laugh for a long time . . . perhaps,  forever??? ;)

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  1. This date looks really fun! Kurt seems like a great guy. Go Ashley!


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