Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let's Take a Closer Look at Bachelor #21: Alex Dayton

Meet Alex Dayton.

His Date Was: The Showiest
Personality Metaphor: Secretive . . . Like the Cullens.
Yearbook Bachelor Superlative: Wants/Needs the Most Attention

ABC15 News followed Alex's date with Ashley for half the date. You can watch that segment here.

While filming Alex for a night, I couldn't help but notice how evasive he was to all of our usual questions to each bachelor. I know Ashley mentioned the same observation to the crew after her date with Alex.

During his pre-date interview, Alex said he found out about TMB from the executive producer, Erin Elton. He said that he applied for a date with Ashley without knowing any information about her, or even what she looked like. Be sure to watch at 4:56 when he slips up,, and Ashley finds out that he did, in fact, know some information about her. Our editor, Mimi, is so brilliant. If there is audio/footage available, she always tries to give these kinds of hints to the audience.

He also mentions they are going to a concert after dinner at Oreganos. He doesn't inform the crew on his plans afterward, which I thought was peculiar at first, but then I found out, that Alex didn't even know what 'the surprise" was (2:10).

At dinner, Alex admits that he "likes attention and hates to be ignored" (4:20).  I think Ashley is the same way, so we knew that they would not be a good match. (Two people fighting for the limelight? Eh, pass).

In my opinion, the next segment of their date was the most fun! The crew all had a blast filming at the Alex Boye concert. The energy in the room was so high, and everyone was really enjoying themselves. I'm pretty sure the couple shared in the excitement when they were brought onstage with Alex Boye! And I'm sure Alex Dayton really soaked up the attention they got. . . .

 Ashley was thrilled that she could talk to younger girls and talk to them about the gospel and other things (9:07). Ashley fits right in with the older women, including John Bytheway and his wife (8:25). The circle of women even share their triangle of marriage theory, and Ashley exchanges her ABC theory (10:45) I can't say I agree with either of their "theories" being married at 21 years old myself. . . . but whatever worked/works for them, right?

It wasn't shown in the date, but they went to Dairy Queen after the Alex Boye concert. You can see a clip of their DQ date here at 1:11. You might be disappointed you didn't get to see footage, so let me tell you what you missed (because you didn't miss anything!) You missed Ashley asking him questions, and Alex evading her questions. . . I would know. . . I was in the backseat. They went to a DQ near the Mesa, AZ temple, so they ate on a bench facing the Temple. We felt like Alex might open up more to Ashley if we left them alone, so we left and set up for their post-date interviews. We found out later that Ashley was expecting a kiss from him when we left, but he didn't. I wonder why he didn't take that opportunity, since Ashley admitted to us she would not have minded a smooch from him? I also wonder why Ashley seemed to like Alex Dayton when he seemed so secretive with her??

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