Friday, July 20, 2012

Season 4, Date #1, Tiffany Migdat,

     Let's talk about Tiff on her first date with Chris Barbour. 

I don't think any of the viewers, including myself, could really hear or see much of Chris's date with Tiffany, due to poor sound and limited footage. It sounded like the lavalier microphone was hidden inside the clothing because every time the speaker moved the sound was rustling. It's hard to get good quality sound without a person dedicated to sound constantly listening in on a headset.  Despite the sound, from what I could hear I was disappointed in. Chris mentioned that he thought Tiffany was very attractive, but that she was "high maintenance." That kind of term has very negative connotations and regardless of whether or not he meant it negatively, it hurt me that this shallow remark was going to be watched by thousands of viewers of the LDS church... and outside the church. 

We felt that during season 3, Ashley truly appreciated and cared for every single bachelor that went on the show. In fact, she still maintains her friendship with most of the bachelors to this day. Meaning, she didn't just throw them out with the bathwater, like I think Chris demonstrated in his first episode. 

I think Ashley was an accurate depiction of how positive dating can be in the Mormon culture and I admire her for that. 

What our viewers didn't know before, was that producers were only able to be present for two of Ashley's dates because they lived in California and Ashley's season was filmed in Arizona. You might remember Brandon Pitcher's post-date interview: 

Brandon Pitcher's date happen to be the fourth date filmed and one of the dates the producers were visiting for. During the post-date interview, Ashley named the positive characteristics she observed in Brandon but let the producers know off camera that she did not feel it was a match. The producers urged Ashley to be more brutally honest on camera and less diplomatic about what she thought of Brandon. Ashley grudgingly did so at the 1:30 time segment. You can see how much it pained Ashley to do so. She never wanted to do it again.

What do you think viewers? Should the Mormon Bachelor and the producers be more cautious about what they say, because it reflects on the church? Or should we try and be drama-filled like the rest of these TV reality shows? 

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