Friday, August 19, 2011

A Closer Look At Bachelor #10: Graydon Anderson

                           Meet Graydon Anderson

Yearbook Superlative: Most Likely To Start His Own Charity
                             Best Feature: Eyes
                  Mobach Crew Award: Good Sport*

Did you know that in reality Graydon was date #10? Hey, what a coincidence!

Graydon says that he is an accountant . . . just like Matt (2:02)! It turns out that the two are actually best friends. They even drove to AZ together for the big date and stayed in the same house! Cool, right?
In The Mormon Bachelorette, we would sometimes film two dates a day, one in the afternoon and one at night. Right after Graydon's date, Ash went on the date with good ol' Matt!

Almost every guy that Ashley went on a date with for Mobach commented on how conversation with Ash is so good and natural (3:59).

The old woman from the retirement home was so fun to talk to! She asked us about a million times what our life stories were . . . so cute. But she didn't like the cameras and microphone in her face because she was too shy. Pretty soon, we all shut off our equipment and just listened to her talk. (5:20)

I don't think Graydon's laid-back nature and Ashley meshed well, but I could be wrong.

*Graydon was not too thrilled to wear the GoPro on his head while riding bikes, but he didn't complain about it and went with the flow. Thanks, Graydon!

Peace out! 

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