Friday, August 19, 2011

In Case You Missed it.... "Post Date Interview with Pete & Ashley"

We will be posting the bachelor's post-date interviews after we blog about their date. 

In case you missed it on The Mormon Bachelorette website, see what the two thought of each other on their date!

Right away, Ashley describes Pete as someone very trustworthy and "straight-up and honest" (0:32)! Pete confesses that 1st dates can be very "business-like" and formal (1:09). Ashley agrees and thinks that it takes more than one date to get to know someone (2:31). Pete was sad that he didn't get to use any of his "weird accents" at 1:25 (if you'd like to hear his Russian accent go to 2:00!).

O.M.G. Pete took forever to answer the question about whether or not he wanted a second date! He finally answers at 2:29. I love the fact that Ashley knowing Russian makes Pete surprised, impressed and worried all at the same time (2:40). We wouldn't be surprised if Ash DID know Russian!

What do you think, will Pete get his second date with Ashley?

Peace out! 

Don't forget to help Ashley choose her second dates by voting on your favorite bachelors. Click HERE to vote for Pete Howe by "liking" his picture on Facebook.

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