Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Closer Look At Bachelor #9: Pete Howe

Meet Pete Howe


Pete's Forte: His Wit & The Human Language
Profession: Unemployed, professional blogger
Bachelor Yearbook Superlative: Best Dressed

In my opinion, there are many ways to use the term "sexy" for a man. Pete is subtly sexy. I think it's his way with words that make him irresistible.

As Pete meets Ashley for the first time, did you notice his "eye pop" at the 4:06 time mark? I could choose to exploit this gesture, but I'm not going to. I don't think it was anything remarkably important. It just seems like a normal way Pete might greet a distant friend. Now take a look at a REAL, genuine "eye pop" from one of our previous bachelors at 0:56. 

I noticed a comment on the Mormon Bachelorette site that asked "How Ashley leaves the house without a purse?" Take a peek at 4:22.... Then skip to 4:26! Ashley has a purse 4 seconds later. Truth is, Ashley doesn't like getting filmed with her purse in the door step scene. She has one of the MoBach crew grab it for her, and run it out to her in the date's car. I hope that solves that unsolved mystery.

Pete is such a chivalrous gent at 4:32. I love it when a man still opens the door for his woman. 
Especially when a first impression is all you get on a first date.

Ashley's body language tells me that she is not into Pete by 5:49. They are walking at least 3 feet apart (eh-hem, almost a full meter!) from each other for almost a full minute of editing time (until 6:20!!) What's your opinion? But they're standing a little closer to each other at 4:08 and Pete's body is pointed more towards Ash.

I love all the beautiful edits the camera crew got! FYI, the cookies were sweet scrumptious by the way... kinda' like Pete ;)

The song at 8:52 I know for a fact that the editor saved specifically for Pete. I'm glad she did because it is perfect for this episode and for him! Did you know that Pete even played a role as a pirate in an independent film? (See his pre-date interview to find out more about that film!)

Pete is a great and funny guy. I'm sure any gal would be lucky to walk hand-in-hand with this lovable bachelor. He could have sweet-talked his way into stealing the show with his linguistic skills, but Pete is just a nice guy--- A nice guy who lets his girl take the limelight. Will Pete be the one to put a something that shines on Ashley's ring finger one day? Gosh, I hope so.

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