Thursday, August 18, 2011

In Case You Missed it.... "Post Date Interview with Matt & Ashley"

We will be posting the bachelor's post-date interviews after we blog about their date. 

In case you missed it on The Mormon Bachelorette website, see what the two thought of each other on their date!

Ashley begins the post date interview by talking a lot about Matt and how the date went. But did you notice how the first things he said about the date was how fun it was . . .  and then he talks about the cameras???
See for yourself at 1:18.

Ashley also talks about how Matt gave her butterflies at 4:00. At 4:46 I really begin to wonder if he really is interested. He keeps mentioning the word "fun" and keeps shrugging his shoulders . . . is this just a game for him? He mentions again how fun it would be to come back at 5:14. Does it seem like he's all that interested to you? Ashley sure seems like she is at 5:22. Watch at 5:32 to learn what cute thing Matt told her to make her blush and giggle so much! Her reaction is very cute and real. :)

The date seemed like it went great and that they were really interested in each other . . . But Matt's post date interview doesn't seem to deliver the same message. What do you think?

The Mobach crew knows what really went down with the second dates but we can't tell you yet. BUT we can say that the "Matt" story continues . . . This may or may not mean we see Matt for a second date. We're only hinting that we will hear from Matt again. ;)

Peace out!

Don't forget to help Ashley choose her second dates by voting on your favorite bachelors. Click HERE to vote for Matt Walter by "liking" his picture on Facebook.


  1. Ashley gets to call the shots on this show. I can understand why the men would be less effusive re. their true feelings. No one wants to be hurt.

  2. What does this mean that The Matt Story continues? What is going on? Give us the scoop. Please!


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