Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Closer Look at Bachelor #13: Jordan Miles

Astrological Sign: Virgo
Special Training: An EMT
Bachelor Yearbook Superlative: Best Dancer

Did you know in reality that Jordan was date #2?

AZ Ladies: Aren't we all so happy that Jordan eventually moved to Arizona from Idaho? I think yes! Jordan is handsome, spiritually inclined, and can "move it, move it" on the dance floor. Jordan grew up doing several types of dancing (0:27 time mark)- - except tap. That's fine with me though, because does everything else right!

Starting at the door scene, I think Ashley is pleased to see Jordan, because her smile seems genuine when she sees him for the first time. I mean, who wouldn't be happy to see such a tall, dark and handsome guy at their door?

Jordan's whole idea of a picnic is just so darling (0:55). Behind the scenes, Ashley was truly impressed at Jordan's ability to "carefully slice fruit." Trust me. . . there is a whole lot more to bachelor #13 then his precision at cutting fruit, but. . .  by now, Ashley pays attention to every small detail (to better distinguish her favorite bachelors). I can also verify that Ashley is pretty organized, so she likely placed bonus points to Jordan on his picnic organizational skills.

Ashley sets the record straight about Arizona. Jordan and Ashley are prime examples of people (26+ years old) that still think Arizona is JUST a desert. Thanks Ashley for setting the record straight about beautiful AZ (1:45)!

I love a man with a strong testimony in the Church. For me and Ashley, faith is much more important than any physical feature in a potentially future mate. Not only is Jordan spiritually in-check, he seems like such a family-oriented individual (3:45). Be sure to listen to Jordan and Ashley reflect on President Hinkley's counsel to take time away from distractions to listen to the spirit.

As I stated previously, Jordan seems like a family man, speaking highly of his family on the car ride to their dance lesson (3:12). This bachelor keeps his date close to his family by setting up his first date with Ashley by meeting his sisters. Did Ashley impress the Miles sisters? Jordan definitely seems like the kind of guy to listen to his sisters' advice. What do you think his sister, Jalair, thought about Ashley during their first dance lesson together?

Ashley is a perfectionist.  It can be good to have such high standards for yourself, but striving for perfection all the time, would make anyone a little uptight. On some dates, Ashley can be a little uptight. . . I think some of that is who she really is, but I also think having cameras on your date makes her that way too. Who wouldn't be a little nervous with several camera lenses on you though? Watch Jalair try and relax Ashley by loosening up her hand grip (5:46). Hopefully Ashley relaxed on the rest of her date with Jordan!

Jordan's eyes are intently staring at Ashley. The look is so intense, it kind of reminds me of the way Mr. Darcy would look at Elizabeth Bennett (6:10-6:20). *dreamy sigh*

I wish their goodbye scene at the door would have lasted longer like some of her other dates had been. They give short goodbyes, tagged along with a quick hug (7:21). I can't speak for Ashley on this one, but I'm going to safely assume it was the heat outside that ended their door scene so abruptly.

Jordan possesses all the qualities that I think Ashley is seeking out in a potential husband. I just wonder if Ashley is able to keep up with Jordan?

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