Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In Case You Missed it.... "Post Date Interview with Jordan & Ashley"

In case you missed it, see what Ashley and Jordan REALLY thought about each other here: 

After the date, Jordan admits that the date didn't just go "extremely well"... it was, "extremely, extremely well" (0:43). He also sounded excited about Ashley being up for a one-on-one dancing lesson for their first date. Uh... seriously, Jordan? What kind of female would turn down such a touchy-feely first date with such a hunk? 


Ashley looked like she had a blast . . . Did she give him bonus points for his suave dancing skills?? Especially because he is an Arizona local? I'm sure Ash is weighing out the pros and cons of each bachelor. In our opinion, Jordan has more pros than cons!! We're crossing our fingers for you, Jordan!

Don't forget to help Ashley choose her second dates by voting on your favorite bachelors! Click HERE to vote for Jordan Miles by "liking" his picture on Facebook.

Peace out!

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