Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Closer Look At Bachelor #16: Adam McGrath

Meet Adam McGrath:

        Favorite Color: Blue
        Talent: Drums 
        Yearbook Bachelor Superlative: Most Likely to Join the Blue Man Group. 

This bachelor admitted he had first date jitters during his pre-date interview (how cute!).

To start off their date the couple heads off to Pita Jungle. Conversation gets into Adam's visits to San Diego's yearly comic-con. I think this was a major reason why the crew loved Adam McGrath. Most of the crew has been to the San Diego Comic-Con 2 or 3 times in a row! I was really surprised Ashley had never heard of it (2:09).

See why the MoBach crew listed Adam as "Most Likely to Join the Blue Man Group" at 2:42. It is definitely inspiring to listen to!

The crew is always so appreciative of companies allowing all of our staff and sizable equipment into their space. To thank these supportive companies, we like to get picturesque previews of the food, or the items ordered by Ash and her date. I mention this because there have been comments about why the final edit has so much food footage in it. Please understand why, and thank our lucky stars for nice owners/managers who are kind enough to let us film at their business locations.

There was a bird perched on the car window when the couple were heading out on their date and it would NOT fly away! Luckily, we got this hilarious footage! It's right after the credits, incase you missed it! :)

The crew members think that Adam is one of the biggest sweethearts of the show . . .  but was Ashley sweetened up by his charm too?

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  1. Why were the dates not shown in the order they actually happened?

  2. Hi Anonymous! B.E. here. Let me answer that question for you:
    As you might have noticed, some dates were shorter in length (didn't need as much "editing time"), whereas, other dates had more footage to sift through. Our amazing editor, MiMi, edits one to two episodes a day (this can take up to 18+ hours or more!) To help Mimi conquer this nearly impossible feat, our creative director, Luke Johnson, and producer came up with a schedule to better accommodate our editor Mimi. I hope this solves your question.

  3. Makes sense now. Thanks for the answer!


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