Monday, August 29, 2011

In Case You Missed it.... "Post Date Interview with Brad & Ashley"

In case you missed it, see what Ashley and Brad REALLY thought about each other here: 

Ashley confesses that she was instantly attracted to Brad at her doorstep. She felt that they were instantly comfortable with each other, and that the conversation flowed well all night! 
Ashley says that she follows the guy's lead on flirting (5:25). She states that if she is interested in the guy physically flirting with her, she will reciprocate the flirtation. In my opinion, Ashley isn't as a big flirt as she thinks she is. 

Ashley says she appreciates how focused Brad is on her throughout the date. As a viewer, one might second-guess where the other bachelor's attention spans were, in contrast to Brad? Sometimes the bachelors would joke around with the film crew during the date, and not fully focus on the Bachelorette. But Brad was really focused on Ashley the entire time. The whole crew could tell that Ashley did not want this date to end. During the date, Ashley began talking about the penguins from Madagascar. She invited him inside to watch YouTube clips on the penguins she had mentioned previously.  It was obvious Brad was dog-tired, but he went inside anyways. The crew had been running behind in the car, and began to film the door scene. Though it was not shown, Ashley peeked at the door watching Brad leave. 

Did you know that after the date, the film crew hung out with Brad, Tadd and Luke at the editor's house? These guys together were hilarious!  

 We can't wait for Brad to come back on a second date, he was another crew favorite!

Peace out!

Were you ever wondering why you never saw Brad's audition video? You can see it here exclusively at MoBach Moms for the first time ever! 

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