Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Closer Look at Bachelor #15: Brad Johnson

You've Seen Him Before In: Newsies
Celebrity Look-Alike: Jason Bateman (See Below)
Bachelor Yearbook Superlative: Biggest Flirt

Did you know that in reality, Brad was date #22? 

When the crew met Brad, we knew that this date would be a hit. Not only is Brad a funny guy, but he is also nice to look at! ;) He is also good friends with our creative director, Luke Johnson, bachelor #3 Tadd Sorenson, and bachelor #19 Erik Gagon. Brad even mentions their friendships at the beginning of the episode (1:23).

Have you seen TMB's second teaser trailer? If you haven't, I highly recommend checking it out. I would also suggest watching it until the very end, because it does NOT disappoint ;) I was the editor to this trailer, and I remember plugging in a lot of scenes from Brad's date. I also remember having difficulty picking which bachelor's door scene I wanted to open the trailer with . . .  The choice was not so easy, I had mixed feelings on Brad's door scene. At first, I loved Ashley's stunned expression to Brad . . . but I wasn't so sure if our viewers would understand her awkward reaction since I avoided using his face in the trailer. Now, with Brad's episode aired, I am sure all of our viewers fell in love with Ashley's raw emotion to this stud (2:01-2:27). She even gets a little dreamy eyed and giggly within the first minute of the date. Yep, I can attest that there were stars in this chica's eyes (2:25) when she takes a double take at Brad's physique.

During their car ride to Sugar Bowl in Scottsdale, there were some noticeable "leg language" during their car scene. I would know. . . I was in the backseat. I did a little research on Ashley's right leg shifting back and forth, and her left leg pointing in his direction- - this is what I came up with:
"Moving a leg is one way of getting closer to another person without full body movement. When the leg moves back and forth towards and away from a person (i.e. Brad) it may be a subtle 
'Attraction-rejection game' that invites the other person to chase after you." 
I was extremely interested in this particular gesture, because Ashley is usually very prim and proper in most of the bachelors' vehicles thus far.

  Ashley sits across the table from Brad at The Sugar Bowl (5:20). Sparks start flying when Brad's flirty nature kicks in, and sits next to our bachelorette (5:29). Our cinematographers and editor are all so talented, and really try to make our viewers feel like they are on the date with Ashley. We do this, by capturing inconspicuous body language from the pair. For example, is Brad impatient at 5:30? Or does he just really have to go to the restroom (5:30)? Here's another sneak peek at some body language our cinematographers were able to capture-- jump forward a couple seconds to see Brad cozying up to Ashley. . . However, the bachelorette seems to be shying away (i.e. the cat and mouse game, perhaps?) from Brad (5:40).

Did anyone else notice that they barely touched their malt-shake? It is obvious Ashley does not want this date to end. The couple discovered a cute arcade in the back of the Sugar Bowl and began to play a few games. Brad reaches in for a side-hug and Ashley accepts the hug, but she gazes down, with a smile from ear to ear (6:14). I investigated her body language to his hug and this is what I came up with:
"Ashley is enjoying the hug, and reciprocates the hug. But she is a bit shy about it, and doesn't really know how to accept it without being a little uncomfortable with herself."
I bring this little tidbit up, because Ashley is anything but a shy individual. This gesture towards Brad, shows how much she is already starting to feel for him though.

First date conversation topics consist of general and basic introductions. Luckily for us, Brad and Ashley keep things interesting by discussing some of our most important church topics (9:01).

There are 4 celebs in this episode ;). As Ashley discusses marriage in the church a picture of my husband and I (9:03, 9:18, 9:38, and 9:39) pops up over the screen! The two even had a "marriage talk" (9:03-10:01)!

With all the flirting and positive body language, I'd be surprised if Ashley doesn't bring him back for round two!

Peace out!


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