Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Let's Take a Closer Look at Bachelor #20: Adrian Harris

Meet Adrian Harris.

Best Characteristic: Easy to converse with
Ashley's feelings toward Adrian: Friend Zone
Bachelor Yearbook Superlative: Best Abs

I have to admit, Adrian is such a sweetie. It was obvious he made Ashley feel at ease from the very beginning. But. . . I think she was a little too much at ease, because it's clear that Ash placed Adrian in the friend zone within the first 5 minutes of the date. Was it evident to the viewers? I know Adrian will find a girl that would love to be his friend and feel up his abdominal muscles too! 

Other than a couple sneak peaks of the crew in this episode, there is really nothing to tell. Single ladies, if you are looking for a sweet, sweet man with abs of steel, Adrian is YOUR man ;) 

For scenes with crew, see 7:03, 8:21, (Luke Johnson, our creative director).

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