Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In Case You Missed It.... "Post Date Interview with Erik & Ashley"

In case you missed it, see what Erik and Ashley REALLY thought about each other here:

This post-date interview has Ashley wearing the exact same clothes from Aaron Bennett's date at Skateland. Remember Ash was crunched for time on Erik's date? Well, it was actually to make Aaron Bennett's date later that night. There was not enough time between dates to get post-date interviews from Ashley after Erik's date. The time crunch did not allot the crew enough time to get audio/footage for Erik's interview.

The crew decided to cram two interviews with Ashley about the two different bachelors after her date with Aaron. Watch Aaron's post-date interview here. Did you notice that she talks more excitedly about Erik's date during her post-date interview? It's obvious that Erik is going to score a second date from her expressions. In fact. . . you can watch Erik's recently uploaded 2nd date by clicking on the second dates tab!

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