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Let's Take a Closer Look at Bachelor #19: Erik Gagon

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Erik Gagon was one of the most laid back bachelors on the show. It makes me think that Erik has one of those personalities that could mesh well with almost any female. His sexy Brazilian appearance doesn't hurt his game either! ;)

The couple drives an hour and a half to box canyon in Payson, AZ. During their long car ride there, Ashley and Erik have a "What Would You Do?" Conversation. Ashley had a similar type of conversation with Matt Walter. I'm getting the idea that Ashley gives these "What If. . . " scenarios to the bachelors she is seriously considering to date in the long run. In my opinion, this conversation is a little too serious for a 1st date. What do you think?

Ashley likes her bachelors loud and talkative, but Erik doesn't seem like that type of guy (3:03). His quiet and confident demeanor reminds me a little of the bachelor, Brandon Pitcher. Though Brandon's date was a much lower key, than Erik's cliff jumping date. Ashley confessed she wasn't interested in Brandon, but I am left to wonder if it was because she just wasn't attracted physically to him. I think Ashley is physically attracted to Erik, therefore, she was not put off by his quiet nature. Or maybe, Ashley is just attracted to a more high energy date in the end?

When Erik and Ashley finally make it to Box Canyon, they immediately start having fun in the water. Their date was on a bit of a time crunch though- they had a scheduled radio interview, and Ashley had another date after Erik.

During their date, the editor even plugged in one of my favorite songs for this episode (4:43). 

Ashley is a little skeptical about taking on some of the higher cliff jumps. . . but Erik seems fearless (5:23). You can see Ash's surprised gestures when he comes up for air after a big jump (5:28).

Britt, Shelby, and Charles (sound and cinematographers) are seen by the vehicle as the couple runs up to them (6:19). 

At 6:23, Erik and Ashley are interviewed by a 92.3 KTAR. During the interview, Ashley reveals that her first intentions with the show, was to become one of the producers for TMB in Arizona. When that idea fell through, she decided she would audition to be the next Mormon Bachelorette. Be sure to watch Erik's responses to 92.3's questions at 10:01! His answers will only make you fall in love with him more because of how strong he feels about the church and his testimony.

Their eventful date concludes at the door. Do you notice that Ashley is slouching to be at the same height as Erik? The bachelorette actually admitted later to the crew that she found herself slouching to be  at eye level with Erik. We know that the height issue is a big deal for Ashley. . . . Was it a problem for this Brazilian hunk? 

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