Monday, September 5, 2011

In Case You Missed it.... "Post Date Interview with Kevin & Ashley"

In case you missed it, see what Kevin and Ashley REALLY thought about each other here: 

During his post-date interview, Kevin states how beautiful Ashley is, and how she has everything he is looking for in an eternal companion (1:39). At 2:31, he expresses his desire to get asked on a third. . . .   and fourth. . . . and fifth date with the Mormon Bachelorette. 

Ashley doesn't open up too much about Kevin and her experience with the date went.... but, she did open up about her other experiences with some of the bachelors. Ashley is very well-spoken, and I often think what a good news anchor she would have made. It seems she tries to conceal her true emotions during post-date interviews, with her "well formed sentences" (3:15). I think our awesome creative director was able to pull out some of those true girlish emotions out of Ashley in this post-date interview (3:23)-- even if those feelings weren't about Kevin. 

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