Monday, September 5, 2011

Let's Take a Closer Look at Bachelor #18: Kevin Shiflett

Meet Kevin Shiflett. 

Employment: Police Officer
Their Date: Was featured on Fox 10 News! 
Yearbook Bachelor Superlative: Biggest Diamondbacks Fan

Did you know that in reality, Kevin was date #14. 

This episode starts out with a pre-date interview with Kevin (0:15). During his camera discussion with us, it seems like Kevin is really nervous. This guy can face crime all over our city without fear, but perhaps the cameras was a new feat he wasn't able to get comfortable with right away.

Kevin seemed nervous throughout the date. Not only do our cameras on your first date make things a little hard to get used to, but FOX 10's cameras were following them too!  In our own opinion, we think he was smitten with Ashley and would have been just as nervous without cameras. 

Take a look at 0:39 when Ashley opens the door to Kevin. She is wearing a black shirt, with multiple necklaces. Watch at 0:55 for Ash's new outfit. When Kevin told her they would be going to the Diamondback's game, Ashley did a fast outfit change into a festive baseball shirt sporting the D-back's colors and logo. 

Ashley Chapman is Kevin's dream girl. We're so happy that TMB could be with him while on his dream date with Ashley. We don't necessarily think there is any future for this pair, but we did agree that Kevin has a good heart. 
We hope Kevin finds his very own dream girl in the near future! 

Peace Out, 

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