Sunday, September 4, 2011

In Case You Missed it.... "Post Date Interview with Mike & Ashley"

In case you missed it, see what Mike and Ashley REALLY thought about each other here: 

During his post-date interview, Mike admits that he likes her and that he would definitely take Ashley out again if it was up to him (1:26). Ashley wants to get to know Mike a little more, because she thinks he has a lot of what she is looking for (1:36). She is concerned, however, that she didn't feel a "huge vibe of connection" on their first date (1:42).
In my opinion, I think Ashley is looking for an explosion of fireworks on a first date- which is a bit unrealistic, if you ask me. 
Let's cross our fingers that Ashley brings back Mike for a second chance to feel that "huge vibe of connection" (1:42). 

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