Saturday, September 3, 2011

Let's Take a Closer Look at Bachelor #17: Mike Romney

Meet Mike Romney.

  Intelligent Career Choice: Mechanical Engineer (3:40)
Famous Relative: Mitt Romney (3:51)
Bachelor Yearbook Superlative: Smarty Pants

Did you know that Ashley crammed 2 dates on the 4th of July? Mike's date was her day date, and Derrick Williams was her night date on our country's Independence Day. Can we give a hand to our crew who gave up their holiday with their families to give you all 2 awesome episodes!!? :)

When the staff first set eyes on Mike, we agreed that he looked like a masculine form of Ashley. They both share a homologous body shape, similar facial features and naturally blond hair. 

When I was single, I heard little tidbits from others on their spouses about how they found each other. One of the random pieces of advice I heard, were that couples were attracted to each other based on shared similar features. I did a little research, and this is what I came up with: 
The University of St. Andrews in Scotland carried out research on the topic. Psychologists believe that women tend to trust men more if they look like them. They also found that women felt they were better matched with men who looked like them, because if two people resemble each other, they might both be attracted to each other. They concluded their study, that "Women are most attracted to men who look like a masculine version of themselves." 
What do you think? 

To start off their date, Mike chose a popular, national restaurant, Mimi's Cafe, for a quick brunch. Mimi's Cafe was kind enough to allow our staff and equipment inside. Thanks Mimi's! 

Mike was quite the gentleman at brunch (0:40), despite other people's stares (1:44). As the staff filmed, I couldn't help but notice how well the couple conversed with each other. Ashley seemed like she was really into him. I couldn't think of any reasons why she wouldn't be into Mike. He is a decent, successful, and an active kind of guy. I kept telling myself, "He's the one for Ashley. He's the one!" 

After brunch, the pair headed over to the Phoenix Rock Gym (2:49). This place was huge! Big enough for the staff to get sweet shots of the place, and the couple at different angles of them climbing. At one point, one of our cinematographers climbed up a wall with over $1000 worth of equipment for a shot! We are always up to get an awesome shot for our fans! The crew left Ash and Mike alone after awhile, because we figured they'd like some alone time. I think they enjoyed the privacy. 

Be sure to watch their door scene at 5:30, because it wasn't the original take. See what really happened at Ash's door at 6:53. I liked how Ashley was adamant about re-taking the shot, so that Mike could be featured in the best light for the final edit. 

Were my instincts and research correct about Mike and our bachelorette? Could he be "The One" for Ashley in the end? 
I guess you'll have to wait and see if she picks him for a second date ;) 

Peace Out, 

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  1. I like him. He's in my top three for Ashley!


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