Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let's Take a Closer Look at Bachelor #22: Rudd Hopkins

Meet Rudd Hopkins. 
Most Likely: To be a Singles Ward Bishop
MoBach Crew Award: Funniest Bachelor
Yearbook Bachelor Superlative: The Most Chivalrous

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One of the crew's favorite bachelors was Rudd! As Ashley was getting ready, the crew got to know him a little better before their date.  Immediately, we could tell that he was easy-going, comical and genuine. If Ashley didn't fall in love with Rudd's heart by the end of the day, the crew certainly had. During our conversation with Rudd in Ash's living room, the entire crew (and Rudd) heard a loud yell from upstairs. Either Rudd was hard of hearing, or he truly is as laid back as I am telling you he is, because he acted nonchalant about it. The yell was a result of Ash's glass ring shattering on the ground. I'm sure Ashley cleared up her outburst with Rudd later in the date, but I thought you would all like to know their real first impression of each other. More than likely, Rudd brushed her loud flare-up off, because that is just the type of guy he is. I'm telling you ladies. . . You want to marry this man!

Some audience members might be shaking their head in confusion on why the couple was so dressed up for their date. The date took place on a Sunday, and the couple chose to wear church attire. Rudd explains his bow-tie at 0:40. I think it's cool how confident Rudd is about his tastes. 

Rudd is such a gentleman. I get the feeling he is going to treat his wife like royalty too. Take a look at 2:42 to see just a couple seconds of his chivalry. 

For Rudd's date, the couple made brick-oven pizzas. Just watching them make pizzas from scratch made us hungry. There's no audio here, but at 3:55, Ashley is telling Rudd that she had a part-time job at Peter Piper Pizza at one time. She excitedly shows him what she learned there by tossing the pizza above her head.

You would never guess, but these two actually destroyed most of the pizzas while taking them out of the brick oven. Rudd's friends who lived here offered to cook the rest of the pizzas to avoid any further mistakes. Rudd and Ashley went to deliver some of the pizzas that came out unscathed to some neighbors (5:09). 

On almost all the dates, some things went wrong. But I think these little mishaps showed Ashley, how her bachelors handled things. It's not shown, but despite mapquest directions to his destinations, Rudd got lost a lot. Ashley commented on how many mistakes were occurring on their first date (i.e. butchered pizzas, and getting lost).  Rudd replied, "You know what they say about a bunch of stuff going wrong on a first date, right?" Ashley retorted with a, "No?" I never fully got the answer, but he said something along the lines stating "that it was supposed to lead to a successful 2nd date." 

After delivering pizzas, Rudd and Ashley had a romantic dinner, with a violinist serenading them (8:30). The ambience was so serene and charming, that most of the crew went outside to enjoy the thunderstorm, to allow them some privacy. 

During their dinner, Rudd brings up some powerful scriptures (6:10). We know that Ashley is looking for a potential spouse that is spiritually inclined. . . so did he pass the test? I don't think it was shown, but Ashley mentions that he is even more spiritual than her. She admitted to us that this kind of intimidated her. It reminds me of a similar conversation she had with Erik Gagon, when they discussed their imbalance in spirituality. 

I think these filmed  dates are a lot like real dating. For instance, running into an old love while out on another date. During their date, there was a time it might have been a little  awkward for her, because of her past crush on a guy that lived at that house. Later, the bachelorette vented to the crew about her interest in this other guy. She told us that she had questioned the other guy not asking her out. His reply was that she was a great girl, and that he had sent someone else to take her out. It was most likely an uncomfortable evening. How could she not help but feel awkward throughout the date? 

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