Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Alex Dayton: Second Post Date Interview

IntIn case you missed it, see what Ashley says about Alex's chances are for a 3rd date!

Remember Alex's first date with the bachelorette? MoBach Moms awarded a Yearbook Bachelor Superlative to each guy, and Alex was awarded "The Most Secretive."

Take a peek at 0:50 in their post date interview, when Ashley says,"I remember the end of the first date thinking 'I'm so confused.' I wasn't really sure what/who he was at the end of it." I don't blame Ashley for being confused! Who wouldn't be confused if your date was super vague and avoided your questions!? I wonder why Alex was so secretive, especially when he already admitted he loves the spotlight, on his first date with Ash. (Click the link below for more juicy details!)

 I can't quite get a hold of Ashley's response to her attraction to Alex (3:00). She thinks she might need a kiss to figure out how attracted she is to this bachelor. In my opinion, you shouldn't need a kiss to initiate attraction. But I do see how others might feel that way. What do you think? How do you figure out your attraction to someone?

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