Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Second Date Update: Alex Dayton

Sometimes Ashley found it difficult to place her feelings on all 22 bachelors. Ashley listened to most of the crew's observations and advice, but she chose Alex on her own accord. She told the crew one day after all of the second dates had wrapped that Alex had been initiating lots of contact after their first date, phone calls, texts, etc. Methinks someone needed some more attention from the cameras.

Remember when I said none of the crew was a fan of Alex Dayton's first date? On their first date, Alex seemed secretive and evasive. Ashley was attracted to Alex and decided to try and give him one more chance to see if there was anything behind his physical physique. Who can deny the girl a chance to try?

The crew decided to film the couple first greeting each other on the vespa. In reality, the couple was actually very "touchy-feely" before the cameras began rolling.
(Click the link below for more juicy details!)

 Did you like how the crew changed up the opening door scene? I thought it turned out really cute. To get some shots of the two on the vespa, the crew had to do some careful driving. . . .especially because our cinematographer, Charles, had his entire body outside the window with a very expensive camera!! We love our loyal fans, so we are always willing to sacrifice our bodies for a good shot (0:58). 

At 1:05, Shelby, our other editor, adds her creative touch using a four-squared scene (1:06). Did you see the first square's shot? That shot was taken with a GoPro. Evasive Alex was thrilled to not have the crew in the backseat of his car taping his every move, unfortunately for him we were ready with the GoPro.

Originally, Ashley wanted to take Alex to another restaurant. They wouldn't allow cameras at their location though. The crew found the cute little cafe "De La Cruz Bistro" on Main Street. Ashley made sure that this was high class cafe because she felt that Alex deserved only the best! :)

The next segment of Ashley's date was canceled as well. Her original plan was to go to a wave surf, however, it had broken down that day. The bachelorette had received a swimsuit from Downeast Basics, so she thought of other ideas to get in them water. Ashley was forced to think up a creative and wet date idea within hours! Her bishop had a beautiful home with a golf-course backyard, that he allowed Ashley to occupy for her date. Along with the mini golf course, trampoline and pool to busy themselves with. Props to Ashley for coming up with a good, wet date idea in just a couple of hours! 

For some reason or another, Alex and Ashley began whispering very softly. I don't think Alex wanted to cameras, or sound to pick up on what they were talking about. But our sound girl Britt, "BB" hears EVERYTHING! Her mic picked up most of what the couple talked about. Take a look at 4:40 when our editor had to plug in subtitles because the couple whispered conversation. Were you totally surprised at Ashley's response to his question at 4:44? The bachelorette has said a few times that she "follows the guy's lead" in flirting.
I know there was some controversial opinions on why the editor would plug in the dialogue at 5:20. Let me tell you what our editor was thinking when she inserted this scene. (1) Our audience has been wanting to hear more dialogue, regardless of what the conversation is about. (2) She is hinting what kind of man Alex is with his joke. Props to Ashely for not being impressed. It may look like she played along, but she didn't care for it.

Be sure to also watch at 8:30 to see what kind of guy Alex is. . . .

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