Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Second Date Update: Pete Howe

Pete starts out the date by comforting Ashley and admitting that the Russian accent doesn't usually come out on the first date. How sweet is he? 

Not only is Pete subtly sexy, but he is also quite funny. Maybe not in the over-the-top obnoxious kind of way, but the crew did appreciate his humor and it made the date that much more entertaining to film (2:00).

Going on the Hummer Tours (2:50) was a pretty fun date! The crew did a lot of dangerous things in order to get a good shot or get some crazy audio. We risked things like getting dirt and rocks thrown at us and our equipment and lenses (4:45)! At 3:00 you see the Hummer trying to go up a pretty steep hill. What you can't see is the director, Luke Johnson, and I (Britt) laying on the floor of the vehicle so that we wouldn't be in the shot. It wasn't too scary for us since we couldn't exactly see what the Hummer was trying to accomplish, but it was sure fun! The Mobach crew weren't the only ones taking risks for the sake of entertainment! The AZ Hummer Tour guide also did by actually getting out of the Hummer while it was driving down a hill (14:20)!

Here's a shot of our DP standing up in the Hummer getting a b-e-a-utiful shot for the show!

During dinner at Mellow Mushroom, Pete gets serious by asking Ashley questions to try and see if dating exclusively would be in their best interests (5:40). Judging by both of their answers, they seem to be quite compatible with each other if they chose to date exclusively.

The drive home after dinner is quite different. Ashley is so worn out from the Hummer Tours and going on dates every night that she asks Pete to drive home because she is ready to fall asleep (9:45). He is a true gentleman and steps up and takes the wheel (literally) and lets Ashley take a much needed nap. Maybe with any other guy, Ashley falling asleep would have been a bad thing, but Pete really liked that she did and took it as a good sign (11:30).

Pete is a really great guy and a true gentleman. He will make a very special girl very happy someday!

Peace out!

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